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Classes & Workshops

New classes and workshops may be introduced and discontinued over time. If you see an offering that speaks to you, give it a try!


"Raha" is the farsi word for free, and that is exactly what this class will aim to do: to free you of yourself.  It is a mystical and emotional space we create together by coming into our bodies, our senses, and pure presence. We meditate through motion and creative expression. Bringing you closer to the still place within, the place behind the thinker. Developing a deep intimacy with gravity, movement, space, the voice of our emotions, and whole existence. The purpose of these classes is to move away from the analytical brain and become a vehicle of pure expression - embodying divine creativity. We will move, shake, connect, and make love to the mystical through the use of the body. This class will open up your world-view and leave you with a childlike sense of wonder about the world within & around. 

This class is a blend of Tantra, Sufism, Qi Gong, & a little bit of Yoga.

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Voice Activation Workshop

In this class we will learn how to bring emotions to sound. Our throat is a magical instrument, one that most of us have never explored the potential of. We speak an intellectual language without becoming creative and sensual with it. This is being passed through generations and it is time to break out of it. There is mental healing in our expression of sound, as our voice is a bridge to our emotions and nervous system.


We will play, drum, laugh, and connect. Anything "serious" will be left at the door. 

Breathwork with Tawny

The feelings of peace and safety have a natural desire to exist in our body. More often than not, external circumstances tend to disrupt this energy center, creating the feelings of unease, overwhelm, anxiety and stress. In this workshop we will explore ways to move stagnant energy and connect with our bodies, allowing us to feel light again.


Tawny, will share integrative breathwork patterns to hold and cultivate more peace, safety, connection, and a powerful sense of presence from within. During the workshop you will be guided through some gentle movement, followed by a meditative breathwork session paired with soothing sound bowls. After participating in this event, you will understand what breathwork is, how it feels in your body, and methods to easily incorporate this peaceful and grounding practice into your daily life. This is a beginner friendly practice.

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Live Music & Yoga

This class is a weekly collaboration between  Tim and Aly. It is a slow flow yoga series incorporating reiki and essential oils. Tim plays hits ranging from The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Latin Music flow.

Mystical Mantra Medicine

In this workshop you will learn...

  • Breathwork & Sound Techniques to Energize your Health & Vitality

  • Vocal Toning to Boost Immunity, Reduce Stress, & Elevate Mood

  • Heal & Nourish through Sacred Sound & Mystical Mantras

  • You will also soak in beautiful sound healing frequencies during part of the class. Prepare to be blissed out!

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