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Our mission is to foster inner healing and growth through creative expression and community. The Healing Collective is a safe space to explore your inner world, passions, and genius. Going back to our roots, each class is led with the intention of bringing you closer to yourself, rather than adding on more.


By walking through the door of the collective, you foreshadow transformative experiences that allow  for the unraveling of your story to the center of you.  Our artists offer extensions of who they are, instead of what they have learned. They live their philosophy by showing up with a humility to themselves that can only be known when you look at someone directly in their eyes long enough to understand who is behind them.

As walls are broken, anger released, tears shed, joy expressed and resilience discovered simultaneously the inner genius rises; leaving the studio a mosaic of the community’s souls.


At The Healing Collective, we become family based on who we are at the core rather than what we present to the world.  As you step out of The Collective you leave the best therapy session of your life - lost is a layer of the mask and picked up is a smile that can not be denied even if you try.


We grow to community all feeling one step closer to spirit and true happiness on our re-beginning of the uninhibited journey of life.

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