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Multidimensional Travel with Cintia

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What is Multi Dimensional Travel?

Multidimensional Travel is an exploration beyond the confines of conventional space and time, delving into alternate realms, dimensions, and realities. Through meditation, visualization, or shamanic journeying, practitioners navigate the infinite expanses of consciousness to access higher states of awareness and unlock hidden wisdom.


This transcendent journey offers profound insights, healing, and spiritual growth, allowing individuals to connect with their higher selves, spirit guides, and cosmic energies. Multidimensional travel invites adventurers to expand their perception of reality, tap into the vastness of the universe, and discover the interconnectedness of all existence.


Multidimensional Travel is ideal for those seeking to explore beyond the boundaries of conventional reality and connect with deeper aspects of themselves and the universe. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth, healing, or profound insights, Multidimensional Travel offers a transformative journey of exploration and discovery.


Individuals interested in expanding their consciousness and exploring alternate realities can benefit from Multidimensional Travel. If you're curious about the interconnectedness of all existence and eager to tap into higher states of awareness, Multidimensional Travel offers an extraordinary opportunity for exploration and transformation.


In a Multidimensional Travel session at our studio, you can expect a serene and supportive environment where you will embark on an extraordinary journey of exploration and transformation. Through guided meditation, visualization, or shamanic journeying, you'll navigate the infinite expanses of consciousness and connect with higher realms of existence. Each session is tailored to your unique needs and intentions, offering a personalized experience of exploration and discovery

Meet Cintia

Cintia is a seasoned RYT with over 13 years of experience, whose passion for holistic wellness has led her on a transformative journey.


Having explored diverse avenues of healing, Cintia holds certifications in Meditation and Reiki, enhancing her expertise in fostering inner peace and balance. Her dedication to growth took her to the sacred lands of Rishikesh, India, where she volunteered and taught Kids Yoga, while also completing a YTT at an esteemed Ashram.


Back in California, Cintia's thirst for knowledge and sharing led her to design and lead enlightening workshops on Ayurveda, Chakras, Reiki, Mudras & Mantras, Meditation, and Prenatal Yoga. Today, she stands at the helm of ElkaYoga's 200h Teacher Training as the head mentor, guiding and supporting new teachers while coordinating the program with finesse.


Within the training, she orchestrates two captivating workshops: "Intro to Reiki" and "Mudras & Mantras," captivating students with the power of energetic healing and transformative practices.


Cintia's classes are a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. From her invigorating DETOX flow, combining pranayamas, kriyas, and twists, to the enlightening MDT - Multidimensional Travel class, blending light flow, breathwork, meditation, and self-reiki, every session is a gateway to profound self-discovery.


Her ultimate mission is to empower individuals to effortlessly navigate their physical and mental journey through life, embracing the essence of Yoga in their everyday existence. Embrace a holistic transformation and embark on your voyage of well-being with Cintia Tavares - where ancient wisdom meets modern vitality.

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