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The Healing Collective SD was founded in San Diego, California in 2022 to serve as an intimate space for connection and healing. The fluidity of our space allows for self-exploration in whatever form that may take. We offer various one on one healing sessions, such as Reiki, Balinese Massage, Bio-Field Tuning, Botanical Therapies, as well as a variety of group classes and workshops for both children and adults. 


Service to our people’s well-being is our greatest honor. We want humankind to start living the way we were always meant to. The patterns of the past cannot go on if we want to live fulfilled, joyous, present lives. When we find liberation within ourselves, we free each other. 


We are like ripples in a vast ocean, infinitely connected to each other, joining and diverging over time. By making the decision to join The Healing Collective community, you will open yourself up to divinely guided, expansive interactions that remind you of the infinite. Although healing occurs in a multitude of seen and unseen forms, the most powerful way to expand the mind and heal the heart is through human connection.


As  the founder, I a committed to a path of healing in order to be of greatest service to others. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to turn my vision into a reality. I look forward to our journey together. 


Love & Light,

The Healing Collective OB

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Energy Specialist

Licensed Reiki Teacher

Herbal Medicine Consultant

Guided Meditation Specialist

Massage Therapist

Alyson Auffenberg

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