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Who can benefit from breathwork?

Who should avoid breathwork?

What can you expect in a session? 

Breathwork is a powerful somatic self healing tool that allows you to quiet your thinking mind and drop into your body’s innate wisdom. The practice of breathwork is rooted in Eastern Traditions (Yoga, Tai Chi, Pranayama) and has been used for profound healing experiences for thousands of years. 

Breathwork enhances oxygen flow throughout the body, which helps detoxify and energize cells. The practice facilitates the release of suppressed emotions, leading to emotional balance and mental clarity. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, it promotes relaxation and reduces stress. It can be a powerful experience to deepen your connection to your inner self and higher consciousness, fostering profound spiritual growth.

This practice is ideal for anyone looking to reduce stress, improve emotional well-being, enhance mental clarity, or deepen their spiritual connection. It is particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, or those seeking personal growth and transformation.


While generally safe, Breathwork may not be suitable for individuals with severe respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, uncontrolled hypertension, or severe mental health challenges. Pregnant women should consult their healthcare provider before practicing this technique.


In a guided breathwork session, all you have to do is relax and focus on your breath. The session begins with instruction on the breathing technique, followed by 30-40 minutes of guided practice. As the breathwork progresses, you might experience various sensations, such as tingling, warmth, intuitive insights or emotional release. Sessions will include time for integration, with our practitioners supporting you in processing and reflecting on the experience if you prefer.

At the Healing Collective, we offer private HypnoBreathwork® sessions with Shannon, Transformational Breath sessions with Abe or Somatic Breathwork sessions with Niki. 

Meet Shannon

Shannon is an OB based breathwork facilitator holding space for private and community breathwork experiences at the Healing Collective. She is certified in HypnoBreathwork, a powerful modality that fuses hypnosis and visioning into the breath, and she completed a trauma informed 200 hour Breathwork Facilitator training through Breath Liberation Society.  

Shannon is acutely aware that some seasons are for transformational growth while some are for gentle restoration and healing. She holds a supportive space to meet you where you're at with your relationship with your breath and yourself, empowering you to listen to your body in it's innate wisdom in order give yourself what you need.  She supports folx in reconnecting with their authentic Selves and building a lifestyle that supports their soul's expansion. 

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