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Sun, Apr 21


San Diego

Full Moon Chakra Illumination: A Journey Into Your Soul

Unlock the secrets of the season under the luminous glow of our Chakra Illumination Full Moon Ceremony

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Full Moon Chakra Illumination: A Journey Into Your Soul
Full Moon Chakra Illumination: A Journey Into Your Soul

Time & Location

Apr 21, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

San Diego, 4967 Newport Ave #6, San Diego, CA 92107, USA


About the event

Step into the mystical embrace of the Chakra Illumination Full Moon Ceremony, honoring the unique energy of the moon for this season. Begin by centering your being in a Guided Meditation & breathwork attuning to the moon's essence. Embark on a transformative Sound Journey, enveloped in celestial harmonies, as Reiki energy flows, igniting your spirit. Engage in a Chakra Movement Meditation, syncing with the lunar rhythms, unlocking the power within each energy center. As the moon weaves its magic, embrace the wisdom of the season, allowing its energy to guide your journey towards alignment and enlightenment. Together, let us celebrate the dance of the cosmos within and without.

Each full moon offers a unique opportunity for growth and transformation, both in the manifestations it brings and the shadow work it invites us to undertake. Embracing these energies can lead to profound shifts in our lives and consciousness. Please see the following Calendar of Cermony that will bring us from now into 2025. 

Calendar of Ceremony:

  1. Pink Moon (April): Symbolizing renewal and growth, it encourages embracing new beginnings and nurturing relationships. Shadow work may involve confronting insecurities hindering personal growth.
  2. Flower Moon (May): Fosters creativity, abundance, and fertility. Manifestations may include artistic breakthroughs and romantic connections. Shadow work might focus on releasing limiting beliefs about one's worthiness.
  3. Strawberry Moon (June): Represents clarity and communication, facilitating honest expression and deeper connections. Manifestations could include successful negotiations and improved relationships. Shadow work might involve addressing fear of vulnerability.
  4. Buck Moon (July): Encourages strength, resilience, and determination. Manifestations may include achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. Shadow work might involve confronting self-doubt and limiting beliefs.
  5. Sturgeon Moon (August): Symbolizes wisdom and intuition, guiding towards inner knowing and spiritual growth. Manifestations could include profound insights and heightened intuition. Shadow work might focus on releasing past traumas and embracing forgiveness.
  6. Harvest Moon (September): Emphasizes gratitude, abundance, and harvest. Manifestations may include financial prosperity and emotional fulfillment. Shadow work might involve addressing scarcity mindset and fear of letting go.
  7. Hunter's Moon (October): Amplifies intuition and protection, aiding in spiritual exploration and psychic development. Manifestations could include heightened senses and synchronicities. Shadow work might involve facing fears related to the unknown.
  8. Beaver Moon (November): Represents resourcefulness and building foundations. Manifestations may include career advancements and deepening familial bonds. Shadow work might focus on releasing perfectionism and embracing flexibility.
  9. Cold Moon (December): Facilitates inner reflection and spiritual renewal, guiding towards inner peace and clarity. Manifestations could include profound spiritual experiences and emotional healing. Shadow work might involve confronting fear of change and embracing surrender.
  10. Wolf Moon (January): Symbolizes independence and self-discovery, encouraging authenticity and personal growth. Manifestations may include breakthroughs in self-awareness and empowerment. Shadow work might involve addressing patterns of self-sabotage and embracing self-love.

Meet the facilitators:

Rebeca Camacho is a Reiki energy worker, sound and crystal healer, yogini, DJ, and conscious sobriety mentor. She was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, grew up in Brazil, and has been loving life in San Diego, CA since 2017.  Her purpose is to guide those who desire to live life in a fully awakened state so that they may feel ignited to carry out their highest calling. Music as a form of vibrational medicine is her passion. She is here to create experiences that facilitate conscious connections through somatic movement therapies, breath, and 

sacred sound. 

Karol Marques is an ECO-Friendly fashion designer @artelierio, Yogini, contemporary dancer, and energy healer. She was born in a small town in the Atlantic rainforest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and she is living in San Diego, CA since 2011. As a third generation of mediums in her lineage, Karol’s life purpose is to uplift people's energy in her offerings. Freedom of expression is her passion. @karoline_newage 

She’s the creator of Chakra Movement Meditation (CMM)- A somatic movement modality designed to increase our energy body’s awareness.

About the modality: 

Chakra Movement Meditation (CMM) is a somatic movement modality designed to increase our energy body's awareness. This modality was designed for opening our chakras and listening to our deepest emotions. This is a Tree of Life event. 


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